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I've realized in the last year or so that as a 5' 2.75" curvy woman I have two choices when it comes to clothing my particular body. 1) I can dress to accentuate my curves, or 2) I can dress to blur them. What I can't do is hide them.

So for everyday I try to wear boot-cut jeans designed for "pear-shaped" women. They fit properly at my waist, are snug on my butt and hips, but get looser as they go down my legs. This emphasizes the curves I like, but makes it unclear how big around my calves are. I look for v- and scoop-neck shirts that are loose but not baggy or the wrong length. Again, this draws the eye to the curve I like (my chest), while softening the line of my stomach enough that it isn't instantly obvious how much of it there is.

For special occasion clothes I kind of go the opposite direction. I buy very full skirts and very snug tops, usually in the form of dresses. The full skirts make it hard to tell how much is me and how much is the skirt, while the tops emphasize how narrow my waist is compared to both my hips and my chest.

Unfortunately I do still own and wear clothing that goes against my personal style preferences. Sometimes, I even buy them. I can't afford to replace my whole wardrobe, and when I do shop I'm limited to what's available.
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