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One Half Buddhist, One Half Christian, One Half Pagan

God is in the roses... and the thorns. ~Rosanne Cash

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Birthdate:Oct 22
Location:New York, United States of America

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I hope to use this journal to talk about my life including the SCA, friends, and family. If this sounds like it would interest you, please read and comment. If you decide to comment and don't have a LJ account make sure you tell me who you are.

I'm a huge bookworm. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, but I also love history, accurate historical fiction, classic literature, plays, general fiction, children's books, mythology, biographies, sociology, and...well...who am I kidding, I'll read anything that holds still long enough! I've been known to browse the dictionary! I also love music, especially 1960's rock and all types of folk music.

Within the Society for Creative Anachronism I'm known as Gwenhwyfar atte Lake, a Welshwoman of the 12th century. I'm not as active as I was a few years ago, but it's still fun when I'm in the mood.

I do all sorts of crafts. These days it's mostly knitting, but also decoupage, counted cross-stitch and other types of embroidery and a little beading and candle making; I'm also interested in learning crochet, tatting, weaving, and pretty much every other craft I've ever heard of. I also spend a lot of time on the computer playing "The Sims 3" and generally looking around online.

I was born and raised in Mid-Michigan, but am currently living in the Capital District of New York. I mostly like it in the north-east, but I do go home and visit whenever I can afford to.

I live with my husband and our cats Skif & Ender (who, for my own information, were born on 7-23-05), and am generally pretty happy with my life.

I'm a textbook example of an INTP, a middling example of a Libra, and a awful example of a Horse.

~~~~~Graphics Tools~~~~~

I use GIMP to do all sorts of graphic work. It's a good program that lets me get many of the same effects as big name programs, and has the major advantage of being free.

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