Nov. 13th, 2012

jennythereader: (* Library Fairy *)
The Rules: )

My Wishes:

1. Followers and people to follow on Pinterest. I'm Jennythereader over there, and I'm always trying increase the varity of what I see on the site. (Some more geeky/fannish/counter-culture/non-mainstream type folks would balance things out nicely.)

2. Music! I love classic rock, all sorts of folk, the blues, some country, big band era jazz, and lots of other stuff. I'm also always willing to try something new.

3. Anything from my Amazon wishlist.

4. Yarn in pretty colors. I prefer variegated yarns on the cool side of the color spectrum, and prefer to work with natural fibers. However, I'll take anything. As a bonus, if you give me yarn you get first dibs on whatever I decide to make with it. (You'd get an email along the lines of "I think that yarn you gave me would make a nice hat. Would you like a hat in those colors? Which of these patterns do you like better? How big is your head?")

5. Things that smell nice. Soap or perfume oils or lotion or bath salts or whatever. I like desserty smelling stuff best, but realistic floral or fruit smells are also good.

6. Gift certificates to Sock Dreams.

7. Homemade candy. Especially things which involve chocolate, mint, cherries, or peanut butter.

8. Make something especially for me.

9. Make a donation to a charity. I'm fond of Heifer International. Your local public library or a local literacy organization are also great causes. Do it in my name if you want, but don't get me on any mailing lists if you can help it. :)

10. Sign up to become an organ donor. A heart transplant saved the life of one of my best friends this year. The only way I can repay the universe for that is to be a donor myself and to encourage others to do the same.

And now, I'm off to find other folks' lists and see what wishes I can grant!

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