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I wouldn't quite call it a nightmare, but it was absolutely unpleasant.

I was at Pennsic, enjoying a late afternoon of hanging out in my encampment. I wasn't camping anywhere familiar, or with anyone I knew, but dream-me was comfortable there.

Over the course of about 15 minutes the sky goes from slightly cloudy to black-ish green, and 2 funnel clouds form over the site as I watch. I hear a huge cracking sound and see a flash of light behind me, and I turn around to see smoke rising from a few hundred yards away and both a lightning strike and another tornado touch down. I hear screaming coming from all around me.

Then the dream jumped forward in time. I'm not sure how long, but it was well after dark.

There are so many people injured and so much damage has been done to the site that in most cases they aren't trying to bring the ambulances to them. I'm with a small group of people walking from camp to camp, looking for injured folks and for wagons to use to bring them up to the main gate, where the medical people are performing triage. And people are refusing to loan their wagons. We're trying to explain how important it is, that it could save lives, but they just won't listen.
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